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About Us

Linxworks Solutions , founded in 2004, provides highly targeted and integrated IT solutions for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We are comprised of an elite group of consultants in both IT and business fields.

The core Linxworks Philosophy – Simplify life for our clients. We take care of the complexity on our end to deliver simplicity for our clients.

Imagine interconnecting your IT infrastructure, back-end software, CRM solution, and marketing efforts in one clean, integrated package – effectively doing both. Each piece of the puzzle speaks to one another, passing data back and forth in a streamlined manner.

Through our strategic partnerships with Dell, Rackspace, Hivelocity, offshore development firms, and several other partners, we offer competitive rates with high quality of the end product.

Power through Simplicity
When we design any solution for your business, we start the design from the simplest solution that meets your requirements and then we add layers of complexity as needed to customize the product. This ensures that your users quickly adapt to your new system while keeping the solution absolutely powerful.

Elegance through Planning
If there has to be one definite truth in IT systems it is the need for a well-planned system design. Whether it be your company network or web application, we brainstorm all feasible alternatives and plan for your future to allow for scalability, speed, and simplicity – in a word, elegance.

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